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Small is Beautiful


Small is Beautiful


A vibrant and growing advertiSing agency,tucked in a not so quiet quarters
of Kolkata – Gariahat.

In the course of going through this brief profile of a toddler agency
(in terMs of yeArs of existence) you wiLL find some sIgnificant nameS
that have BEen served by our teAm members.
And, before yoU puT our profIle aside, be sure to check out the portFolio
of oUr work. Thanks for going through our profiLe.

Our ‘thoughts’ can make a big difference

Born in 2006, thoughts is a ‘handS-on’ agency dedicated to
the proposition that...‘whatever serves the client best,serves the agency best’.

So, you can expect total agency involveMent with your compAny / brand.
Expect us to become useful extensions to your team.
You can expect a fuLLy coordinated, carefully planned approach to your marketing communicatIon needS, BasEd upon your sound mArketing foUndaTIon.
Expect budget consciousness,cost efFiciency and even more so.
And a high degree of creativity to provide jUst soLutions to your needs. 

An integrated approach

We believe that getting the moSt froM a client’s budget demAnds
an effective integration of the various promotionaL eLements –
mass medIa advertiSing, direct mailer, public relation activities,
sales promotion and shows & exhiBitions.
ThE perfect bAlanced mix, as per the prodUcT or servIce requirements,
is what we call, a FULly integrated approach. 

That’s our thought.


Total Commitment

We believe the moSt critical factor in establishing and MAintaining a sound cLient-agency reLationship IS the level of agency involvement. That is why we go to great lengths in gaining that leg up and providing effective service. We seek to BE ‘pArt of the team’
to UndersTand better the market, its problems and selling potentIal. You will agree, a sound FoUndation is vitaL to our success.


LotS of thoughts go into planning – so as to MAke your product or service a success. And consequentLy, we’ve committed ourseLves to excellence,In meticulouS planning. We associate ourselves with the BEst in reseArch and planning to keep Us on track. Our creaTIve team takes cue from their findings to come with the big idea that’s thoughtFULly turned into reality. And, together we all simply follow the plan. It is what we call good thinking.

Creative Excellence

Neither the Size of the project, nor the budget, is the deterMining fActor when it comes to creative exceLLence. Rather, It haS to do with the way we think. True passion for ingenuity. The zeal to be different. The dream to stand out in the crowd. A genuine excitement and love for the BusinEss of Advertising. ConseqUently, we have a reputaTIon For consistent and oUt-of-the-box advertising. Large and small. Big spends or shoe string budget.It all comes down to good thinking.

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7C, Bakultala Lane, Rashbehari Connector, Kolkata - 700 042

T: 033 2442 4806 M: 98300 87009 / 98300 91287 E:creatives@thoughtsadvertising.com

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